The Design Works’ Integrated Digital Marketing Package — (IDM) is an all inclusive approach to maximizing your company’s digital presence. With this suite of services, we focus in on the five essential pillars of being found online — Search, Social, Local, Review, and Advertising.


Search Engine Optimization – SEO: Our package begins with in-depth analysis and optimization of your company’s primary website. We focus on each page to make sure that the titles, metadata, and written content are all consistent with the target keyword for SEO best practices. This is the key element in taking advantage of the proven benefits of ranking highly in organic search results. After the initial effort to optimize a site, this process will continue to occur as new web content is created, in order to maintain and improve upon the established ranking.


Social Media Management: Are you “doing social media?” Or are you truly maximizing your social presence? A simple post from time to time does not make an engaging social media program, nor does it lead to the growth potential that real consumer engagement provides. The second pillar of our IDM package is the development of a comprehensive social media program. We focus heavily on social content strategy, development of an editorial calendar, seasonal layout changes, and targeted social advertising campaigns. We also provide comprehensive social oversight and management.


Local Directory Management: One of the most important factors to achieving a high ranking in organic search is proper and consistent local directory listings. Our third pillar of our IDM package starts with the optimization of your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across all relevant local directories. We provide this service along with the ongoing management of other local listing information, such as business hours, with the help of our local directory management tool. This tool provides us with an online dashboard solution which allows for us to quickly manage listing information on over 72 local directories. This is an extremely efficient way to manage an otherwise tedious process.


Reputation & Review Management: The phrase “Word of Mouth” has never meant more than it does today, even in our highly connected digital world. Your online reputation can utterly make or break your success in the digital marketplace. Based on Google’s search statistics, 87% of consumers today decide whether or not to visit a business based on their online reviews. Furthermore, most of those consumers will pick the company that has the highest number of reviews, even if they have a slightly lower overall rating. As the fourth pillar of our IDM package, The Design Works utilizes a specialty digital reputation management software to supercharge the amount of genuine and positive reviews your company will receive on each relevant platform. This solution also allows us to filter out potentially negative reviews for training purposes, saving your reputation from damaging negativity, and giving you the necessary information to take steps towards improving your customer experience.


Digital Advertising Management: Organic search ranking is greatly boosted when combined with various forms of online advertising. Aside from boosting organic, these digital ad platforms also allow us to place your brand in front of highly qualified and specifically targeted consumers with ease. This capability provides a much greater return than a similarly budgeted traditional advertising campaign. As the last of the five pillars of our IDM package, The Design Works will focus on developing your digital advertising strategy, establishing your budget, and managing your campaigns. Depending on the total monthly spend, the target demographic, and geographic area, we will utilize a combination of the following digital advertising platforms: Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising — Google Adwords; Visual or Audio Content Advertising — Facebook.


Website Design & Development: A website is the centralized digital resource platform supporting the 5 pillars of the Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) program — providing search engine details, supporting social media networking, facilitating local directory search requests, publishing first party reviews and accommodating landing pages for digital advertising customer conversion opportunities. The Design Works understands the necessary ingredients needed to build websites that support the 5 pillars of the IDM program, follow a user interface and user experience mobile first philosophy and designed for device independency using responsive design.

The Design Works has partnered with multiple online software providers and various digital ad campaign management systems and analytic reporting tools in order to effectively offer our powerful Integrated Digital Marketing Package — (IDM).

The Design Works team is equipped to provide a full range of creative services including graphic design, photography, copywriting, and video, to create the content to support all forms of digital publishing and advertising including Blogs, Posts, Grams, Tweets, Pins, Podcasts, and Placed Ads.